Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

The Internationally recognised 2 day certificate

Every year suicides in Australia more than twice exceed the road toll impacting individuals, families, workplaces and communities.
Unfortunately, while many suicides can be prevented, very few people have the skills to identify a person who may be at risk or the confidence to help them.

ASIST is an internationally recognised training program for anyone wanting to learn more about helping a people at risk and intervening to lower their immediate risk. The ASIST 2 day certificate has been completed by more than one million people across Canada, the USA, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom; Since 2016 it has been completed by more than 80,000 in Australia.

Our team.
Bronwyn Owen and Brad Desmond are accredited ASIST facilitators licenced by LivingWorks Canada.

About Bronwyn
Bronwyn is an experienced manager and social worker who has managed health programs across the public and private sectors. As a leader in mental health settings she has championed the cause of suicide prevention and has trained thousands of people in the ASIST model.
Bronwyn has also inspired many of her colleagues to join this cause – by becoming accredited ASIST facilitators themselves -thus further promoting safer communities across Australia.
For the last ten years Bronwyn and Brad have managed many suicide prevention projects and initiatives, and provided ASIST suicide prevention training to more than a thousand participants in schools, businesses and health settings.

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If your organisation engages with people who may be at risk of suicide talk to us about training your staff in the ASIST certificate.


Areas covered:
• Identify risk factors and warning signs.
• Explore your own attitudes about suicide and learn how they influence how you respond.
• Connect with a person at risk using direct language.
• Reduce risk factors and defuse plans for suicide.
• Build a collaborative approach to focus on safe outcomes.
• Identify further resources available to a person at risk of suicide.
• Recognise that suicide prevention is broader than suicide first aid and includes life-promotion and self-care for caregivers

Brad Desmond and Bronwyn Owen delivering an ASIST workshop

Who should attend?
This training is suitable for anyone wanting promote a safer community.
Typically, it is attended by health professionals, educators, clergy, first responders, case workers and administration staff. It is also popular with lay persons, parents and care givers.
The philosophy of ASIST is the more people who receive this training the more people who are able to help a person at risk. The ultimate goal is a safer community.