Emotional Intelligence

Learn About Emotional Intelligence

Everyone talks about Emotional Intelligence but what exactly is it?

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a collection of abilities that make us smarter with feelings. People who are higher in EQ are more insightful and in control of their own emotions, and better at managing the emotions of others.
EQ makes us more effective in the work place. Working involves gaining cooperation with other people- and while getting computers to cooperate is one thing, getting people on board is much harder.
With an increased EQ we find ourselves communicating more easily, better able to defuse conflicts, empathising with others while being our authentic selves.

Workshop Content includes

1. Leadership
Understanding what makes people tick leads to better empathy, better working relationships and more buy-in. EQ improves our understanding of other people making it possible to inspire, influence and motivate others.

2. Increased personal effectiveness
Have you ever looked back at a major decision and asked “what on earth was I thinking?” Just because something seemed sensible at the time doesn’t mean it was right. Higher EQ means including our ‘gut feeling’ when making decisions to ensure both our intellectual and intuitive faculties are better aligned- our authentic selves.
3. Better self-management
Have you ever noticed someone insisting at the top of their voice they are not angry? Have you ever found yourself with headache at the end of the day without noticing how stressed you were all day?

Most of us spend our lives reacting to emotions, as if being hijacked by them. For example we don’t just experience anxiety – we become anxious. We don’t just experience anger – we become angry. We don’t experience fear - we become afraid.
With EQ we stop being a slave to our emotions and create a different kind of relationship with our emotions. For example with more self-awareness we can transform fear into better risk assessment skills. We can transform anger into calm assertiveness. We can even transform sadness into a call for self-care.

4. Empathy.

Have you ever been caught off guard by the strong emotions of others?

Empathy is the ultimate social skill. Empathy allows us to read and anticipate the emotions of others so we can interact respectfully and with confidence.

By reading the ‘mindset’ of other people we can connect with people and provide authentic leadership and support. We can build trust and convey that we truly ‘get’ the people we work with.


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