Be a leader in the workplace

In 2008 the largest leadership organisation in the world, the U.S. army, approached the Positive Psychology Centre (University of Pennsylvania) to develop a new leadership development program.
The result is a training program which teaches leaders to increase the wellbeing and resilience in their people, even in stressful environments.
Headed by Professor Martin Seligman, the program has trained over ten thousand army Drill Sergeants in Positive Psychology techniques including cognitive-behaviour techniques and positive communication skills.
In stark contrast to the stereotype we might have of Drill Sergeants, they are now being trained to coach the strengths of their people and provide detailed and specific feedback about what they do right.  Resilience factors are then measured, for example across improvements in the incidence of post-traumatic stress, anxiety and suicide in combat troops.  
Management can be a tough gig.  But if Drill Sergeants can learn to build wellbeing in combat situations there are few excuses for those of us in our air conditioned offices leading the charge towards Key Performance Indicators.* Contact us to discuss how Positive Psychology can support your leadership team.


Workshop content

  • Building positive teams
    Happy staff are more positive, motivated and better at problem solving. Learn strategies to increase happiness in teams.

  • Increase engagement
    Engaged staff are more committed to the organisation and think more strategically. Learn strengths-based coaching techniques to increase staff engagement and help staff to find their passion.

  • Make work meaningful.
    Meaning is one of the strongest predictors of job satisfaction and achievement. Explore job-crafting and other techniques to help people identify what they do best and rediscover meaning in their work.

  • Increase motivation and achievement.
    Transform performance plans into opportunities for personal and professional growth. Learn how to create more meaningful goals to increase motivation and commitment.


Positive Psychology is not restricted to military leadership. For example Positive Psychology is the preferred wellbeing model at IBM, Geelong Grammar School and other diverse organisations.