Any organisation can build a culture of wellbeing

When organisations value people’s strengths, i.e., instead of fixing weaknesses, staff engagement, performance and job satisfaction are all likely to increase.

When organisations allow staff more autonomy and control over how they fulfil their responsibilities levels of physical and emotional wellbeing increase, with corresponding reductions in staff absenteeism.

Workplaces that encourage more positive emotion in the workplace experience improvements in teamwork, lateral thinking, problem solving and stronger staff retention.

A growing number of international and Australian organisations are embracing positive psychology to build workplace wellbeing. One popular method is to incorporate a widely used strengths surveys, the ‘VIA’ (Values in Action; Survey of Character Strengths) into existing staff development and supervision practices. The VIA tool is available free of charge online (link) and can be used to identify individual strengths, which can then be incorporated into performance planning or supervision sessions. This approach, in turn, can foster a more coaching approach to leadership and management.

View how IBM Australia used the VIA method to build their culture of positive wellbeing ... IBM Australia video

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